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Eco-Friendly Incontinence Product Reviews For Senior Dogs

Belly Bands

Belly Bands

Best eco-friendly belly band reviews for male dogs with urinary incontinence.

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Doggy Diapers

Best eco-friendly diaper reviews for female dogs with urinary incontinence.

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Waterproof Blankets & Pee Pads

Best eco-friendly waterproof blankets and pee pads reviews for urinary incontinence.

Measuring Your Dog For A Comfortable Fit

How to decide the correct sizing for your dog

Tips to measuring your dog to ensure the right fit. Belly bands and diapers are available from XS to XXL, but guessing your dog’s size can often be inaccurate.  Read our measuring guide here. 

Measuring Up

Our Top Category Picks

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Best Washable Belly Band For 2021

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Best Washable Dog Diaper For 2021

Waterproof Blankets

Best Washable Waterproof Blanket For 2021

Washable Pee Pad

Best Washable Pee Pad For 2021

Washable Smalls

How Best To Wash Your Dog's Smalls

Eco-friendly laundering tips

Eco-friendly washable incontinence products make great sense. Instead of relying on disposable products that become landfill, you and your senior dog can become eco-warriors and reduce environmental impact by using washable belly bands and diapers.  Read more about ways to wash with eco-friendly detergents.

Sew Your Own - DIY Belly Bands

Are you handy on the Singer? We have adjustable patterns to make washable belly bands. You will be able to source the necessary materials from your local haberdashery. Or perhaps you have a suitable stash of cloth and velcro waiting to be fashioned into a practical accessory for your senior dog.

Why Do Some Senior Dogs Become Incontinent?

As your dog enter their twilight years, he will likely require more assistance with his activities of daily living.  Incontinence is a stage your dog may experience.  Read more about how you can help your elderly dog gently transition into the next phase of their life.

Old Dog Sleeping
Running Old Dog

Pros & Cons Of Washable Undergarments, Blankets and Pads

Washable Belly Bands For Male Dogs

Washable Doggy Diapers For Female Dogs

Waterproof & Absorbent Blankets

Washable Pee Pads

Jack Test Runs & Reviews Washable Belly Band - FAQ &Tips

G’day. My name is Jack, and you guessed it, I am a Jack Russell Terrier. I am getting on and have had some difficulty of late with my memory. Sometimes I forget if I am inside or outside and inadvertently have an accident. I don’t mean to, and I know it is troublesomeness for my family.  However, incontinence in senior dogs is a problem that is on the increase. Primarily this is because our life expectancy is on the rise as we are cared for so well.  So, my family have been experimenting with different incontinent products, and I’d like to share with you some of the products my pals and I have personally taken for a test drive. These reviews will hopefully assist your friend to remain an active and treasured part of the household.

Dogs are incredibly resilient creatures and do not often complain about their lot in life. Yet it is vital that your dog is fitted correctly and snugly with its undergarments.  No tighty whities or loosely goosies.  Washable undies are fashioned from soft, durable and absorbent materials with an elasticized border and a velcro fastening to hold it firmly in place.  Be sure to frequently check if the belly band or diaper requires changing. Learn more here.

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When your dear doggy develops urinary incontinence, it may seem like the end of the world. Then you make the decision to stick with your beloved pet, since they’re not ready to give up (and you aren’t either) and you discover the world of doggy diapers and belly bands.

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